Sacred Scripture Feedback

For this assignment provide feedback on the following:Please provide 200 words

I believe that scripture is a necessary part of religion. It is a sort of guide book that shows how the religion is intended to be believed and carried out. An example is the bible. Many Christians look at the bible as a sort of guide book that tells them how they should live their life in order to please their god. In my experience, they take the stories and rules from the scripture and apply it to real life, such as the controversial stance on gay marriage or abortion. With all this in mind I do believe scripture is a necessary part of religion. It is also needed to interpret scripture, you can not have an understanding of religion or the scripture without something to base it all off of. Scripture is a major element of religion in many aspects. There are many places that back up this opinion, from the text to the stream that was viewed before writing this response. The study of religion also is a great place with many different sources to show just how important scriptures actually are in every religion, this is why religions all have some form of scripture involved in them.