Scripture Review

For this assignment you are to write ascripture review. The assignment should be 2 pages double spaced, MLA Style,12 font, citations and references. The review needs a introduction, specify the name of scripture, reasons for choosing this religion, your religious background, and how much you know about this religion. The religious background should be christian can’t be Islam because the topic of scripture review is The Qur’an: Surahs. The review should also include a Summary. In the summary part, epitomize the main ideas or lessons of the scripture. To describe accurately the main concepts and the meaning of narratives in the scripture, research is necessary.–for instance, background research such as when it was written, who wrote it, or how it was written and theoretical research such as the meaning.The last part of the scripture review should include a conclusion.Conclude the paper with your reflective thoughts on the reading, e.g. lessons you have learned or the relation between the reading of the scripture and religious issues discussed in the text.

ScriptureLink :

The Qur’an: Surahs 1-2

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