SCWK611 Winthrop Community Assessment Paper

The paper should answer the following questions:

What characteristics identify this town, neighborhood, or area as a “community?” What distinguishes it from other close geographic areas?

Using statistical data about this community present an overall socio-economic and demographic “picture” of this community. (You might find the statistical informational available at helpful in obtaining the most recent information from the 2010 U.S. Census. Find out if a needs assessment has been conducted or if there exists demographic data already gathered at your field placement that will help you better the neighborhood or city in which you are working. If demographic data already exist, review it carefully. )

What specific demographic characteristics suggest that the community is “high risk” for certain challenges and social problems? Clearly describe what you consider to be challenging for the identified community and identify at least one social problem present within the community.

What demographic or geographic characteristics clearly serve as “community assets”? That is, what strengths does the community have that could be rallied to counterbalance what might be seen as a challenge in the community? What “community assets” exist that could be utilized to overcome the identified social problem?

Have a discussion with at least 2 people who live or work in the community. What did you learn about the neighborhood/community that did not show up in the statistical description of the area?

The paper should be 6-8 pages doubled- spaced (not including cover and reference pages) and in APA format