Security Council Dilemma Feedback

For this assignment you will respond in your own 220 words to the following. I am not asking your opinion about grammar. I am asking you to provide a response regarding the information, and topic presented below.

The UN Security Council was established with only certain countries allowed into the group. Many countries had to be left for security reasons based on the post Cold War world. Most of these states were mainly pariah states. However, recently the UN Security Council has been discussing on whether or not to let certain countries in, mainly Japan and Germany. Coming from a realist perspective, the US sees allowing these countries to become a part of the Security Council will reduce the US’s leverage. The US has always been protective about who enters the UN because the US sees this as a way for these states to gain veto powers. This in turn could be very bad for the US. Liberals feel that states who suffer and need the US’s help should be allowed into the Security Council. For example, President Obama expressed his feelings about allowing India into the council while he opposed other countries. To gain support from other countries in need means you must help them out as well and Obama felt this was the way to go to gain India’s future support. Constructivists view on the matter is to increase the body of the Security Council to strengthen the power it holds. Many see that not allowing more states to join only weakens the power the council does hold. The Security Council has the ability to cease time in crucial situations and allows the members time to consider their feelings towards the issue at hand.

I think that the constructivists view on the matter hold the best argument for the situation at hand. Although both Germany and Japan have been enemies of the US before, things change and having the influential thinkers that Germany and Japan could bring to the table will help in the long run. Many states look to the UN for help, however not all of them look for help from every member. There may be states that turn to just Germany and Japan for help in times of need and with the UN backing these states, a greater good can come out of the situations. The UN has the ability to also impose sanctions on states and use military power when needed. Having Germany and Japan’s support in these dire situations will only be a plus as well to diffuse international conflicts.