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  1. Submit your short essay for Module #10 here. The question for this essay is:
    “Discuss the 30 Years War. What were the causes of this war and who were the major countries involved? Was this mainly a religious war or not? What were the end results of this war?”
    This essay must be at least 500 words in length and have at least one quote from the textbook to receive full credit.SS111 Short Essays by John McLean are licensed under CC-BY 4.0

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  3. the link of the text book : “…
  4. the key point of the essay is you must and 500 words and 1 quote for the text book. The quote must from the text book, please read the text book.
  5. The essay must have at least 1 quote, you can use more quotes if you want, but it must from the text book.
  6. This essay is pretty essay, you can use 200 words quote or more, but the quote must from the text book and I need a clearly work cited.

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