Short Fiction Discussion and Quizzes

Welcome to Section 4: Social Expectations of Women in Short Fiction

In this section you will be required to complete the following tasks:

1. Carefully read the stories and assignments outlined in The Readings folder. We will have quizzes and writing assignments based upon these assignments so take your time and take notes.

The Readings

  • Kate Chopin’s biography and story, “The Story of an Hour,” pp. 177 and 181
  • Sandra Cisneros’s biography and story, “Barbie-Q,” pg. 183
  • Jamaica Kincaid’s biography and story, “Girl,” pg. 530
  • Jamaica Kincaid, “On ‘Girl,'” pg. 921
  • Joyce Carol Oates’ biography and story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” pp. 651

Please also read the Author Highlight on Kate Chopin as well as the discussion of Irony posted in this section.

2. Complete the quizzes on the required readings. There are 10 questions on each quiz and you will only have 15 minutes to complete the assignment, so please be familiar with the readings and the literary terminology we covered in Section 1.

**For the quizzes I will send you the login in for the website. Please study before taking the quizzes. If I get anything leff than a 75 a on quiz I will request a refund.**

3. Complete the writing assignment posted in the Section 4 Discussion Board and submit it first to the Pre Post Drop Box prior to the Discussion Board.

4. You will have 1 day after the due date of the discussion board assignments to respond to at least two of your peers’ original posts. Please be thoughtful and thorough in your responses as you will be graded on these assignments.

For the Section 4 Discussion Board, I would like you to go back to the pdf on Theme in the Section 1 folder. After you have reacquainted yourself with the terminology discussed there, I would like you to select THREE of the stories from the readings in this section and discuss how the theme of these stories deal with social expectations of women. I would like you to compare and contrast the themes of the stories and show how the themes in the stories represent different times and therefore reflect changing social roles for women. You can also develop a thesis of your own regarding how the themes in these stories deal with the social expectations of women.

I would like you to include at least 3 quotes from the stories in your assignment and it should be at least 350 words long. Remember to submit your assignment to the Pre Post Drop box to be checked for plagiarism prior to turning it in to the Discussion Board. You do not need to wait after submitting it to the drop box, simply submit it to the drop box, then to the discussion board.


You will have 1 day to reply to at least 2 of your classmate’s initial postings. You are also responsible for monitoring and responding to comments made to your own discussion post.