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Short paper on scenario law and ethics - Freshman Essays

Short paper on scenario law and ethics

For this assignment, you will review a case scenario and critique it according to cultural competency, sensitivity, and possible discrimination. You will also discuss potential inappropriate behavior in the workplace setting.

Consider the following scenario.

Steve, a Caucasian, middle-class human services worker, is very vocal about how he upholds cultural sensitivity and “all that stuff.” In the lunchroom, he casually states that he does not impose his values, and says that the client will tell him all he needs to know. He says that clients will come to him because they want to change, and that their cultural backgrounds are not important or relevant. He says that if a client is slow to speak, he will challenge the client to speak up, and if he or she does not look at him when talking, Steve will teach the client to do so. Imagine that you are Steve’s supervisor and overheard him saying these things in the lunchroom. Write a short paper that addresses the critical elements provided below.

1. To what degree, if any, do you think Steve might be inappropriate with people of certain nationalities and cultures? Provide a rationale for your answer, considering ethics and cultural sensitivity.

2. Do you detect any cultural bias on Steve’s part? If so, what cultural biases are present? If not, explain your response. Provide rationale and examples.

– What laws may Steve be violating related to diversity or cultural sensitivity? Provide rationale for your answer.

3. As Steve’s supervisor, how will you address this issue? Provide examples that would be appropriate utilizing cultural sensitivity and ethics guidelines.

4. What do you recommend should happen to Steve? Should he keep his job? Would some sort of rehabilitation be appropriate and/or necessary? Should any training be provided related to appropriate relationships and diversity?

Guidelines for Submission: Your short paper must be submitted as a one- to two-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New

Roman font, one-inch margins, and sources cited in APA format