simple hands on assignment

This is a hands on assignment. The purpose is to get you deeply acquainted with one of the methods of sculpture – by doing it yourself.

You will need to choose one method of sculpture, get the material (and tools if needed) and create a sculpture yourself. Document all the steps, the material/s and tools you have used by photos or video and describe your experience. What did you try to make? Were you successful? Was it hard or easy to work with the method you chose? What did you like about it? What was a disadvantage of this method?

Do not worry about the final product you have created – the purpose here is not to test your artistic skills or to judge the aesthetic value of your work, but to let you experiment with one of the methods of sculpture.

You may use clay or play doe for modeling, soap or candle for carving, plaster for casting, found materials for assembly or anything else you want. It can be large or small, painted or not, etc. It needs to be a sculpture in the round – not a relief.