Simulation Essay

Each essay response should each be 3 pages single-spaced in length (including references — NO COVER SHEET IS NEEDED) and follow Turabian formatting. This include 1-inch margins on all 4 sides, the use of times new roman 12-point font. For more information on Turabian formatting please see “Appendix: Paper Format and Submission” within either the 7th or 8th edition of the Turabian writing manual. Essay Prompts: 1. The simulation underscored the value of inter-agency and international cooperation in threat analysis. When looking at the totality of the simulation, and based on your additional research, what were the key documents, references, plans, or strategies that facilitated this engagement? Pick two of these references or plans and describe the document (i.e. the focus, how it supported your efforts in the simulation, and from your perspective if additional areas should be addressed) to enhance interoperability between agencies or countries. An example of this type of reference is the EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy: 2. This simulation reinforced the real threat of lone wolf or small groups to any industrialized nation. Mark Thompson, in a 2013 TIME magazine article highlighted the very real danger and unpredictability of this threat ( Considering the simulation and the Thompson reference, what are the key attributes of the “lone wolf” threat vector? What can law enforcement and national security/national intelligence agencies do to address this issue? Is this an attack vector that you really can’t see coming? Support your assessment with peer reviewed references.