Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood, assignment help

Answers the questions below- Focus on situation and setting in poetry. For the highlighted poems consider the situation or the “what” of each poem. As you read, please also try to determine the time and place of the situation of each poem. Remember that the title of the poem may give you vital information.

A-“Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood ” See the attachment”

1. What is the setting of the poem?

2. Why is the song boring?

B-“Morning” by Billy Collins ” See the attachment”

1. What is the setting of the poem?

2. What makes morning the best part of the day?

C-“Mourning Song” by Joy Harjo ” FIND IT ONLINE”

1. What has happened to create the need for mourning?

2. What images stand out for you?

D-“West Indian Primer” by Elizabeth Alexander ” See the attachment”

1. Does the title of the poem tell you the poem’s exact setting? If not, what is the setting?

2. Is the poem a West Indian primer? If “yes”, what makes it a primer?

Research a Form of Poetry- give examples of the form selected, discuss history and current state of the form. Write in a Word document. MLA format.

1-This paper should be a minimum of 1,000 to 1,500 words and should be written in MLA format.

2-the paper should consist of 1 – 2 introductory paragraphs – describe the poetic form subject of your paper; give some historical context and famous examples of the poetic form, as well as well-known, well-regarded practitioners of the form.

3-Present your research – how is the form different or unique among poetry forms? Is it still practiced? Why or why not – are there any descendants (newer forms that trace their roots to your form).

4-Conclude your paper with where the form stands today and you may want to include an example of the poetic form that you particularly like.

5-Poetic Forms to consider: Sonnet, Haiku, Limerick, Epic, Sestina. There are others. You may also want to consider researching Protest Poetry, Feminist Poetry, Praise Poetry, Confessional Poetry, Spoken Word Poetry.