Slavery in the colonies

Prompt: There are five sections in Chapter 3, from pages 72- 103. From the list of prompts which represent each section, choose one to post a response. In this way, a reply to a classmate with a different response may drive a richer discussion.

1. Global Competition and Expansion:What was the leading cause of competition between the European empires? In your explanation, link at least one example of law or trade as evidence for your answer.

2. Origins of American Slavery: State at least one factor – economic, historical event or law in the development of the American slavery.

3. Colonies in Crisis: Name one crisis from the text and define its importance.

4. Growth of Colonial America: Make one interpretation from the chart on page 91 which explains characteristics of growth.

5. Social Class: Briefly explain the social structure of colonial class hierarchy. In your answer, a perspective of gender and race, as well as economics can be used.

Directions: In this week’s discussion forum post a paragraph in reply to the prompt and then reply to at least two of your classmates’ replies. The paragraph should be at least 250 words. When you reply to classmates, make a substantial post. In the post, agree or disagree, compare what you have said, contrast the reply to other facts from the reading. At least two or three sentences in your response to your classmates.

Post in a new thread, with a title or heading. Initial discussion posts are due by Tuesday, February 15, 2018, at 1: 59 pm.

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