SNHU Role Of Social Media For Global Marketing Discussion

In your primary post, explore the nature of social media in your foreign country. Discuss the role social media plays in the lives of consumers in your final project country. Which platforms are prominent or emerging? Who are the influencers? Are there any unique challenges of the market that the company’s social media marketing plan must address? Who would you choose as an influencer in the United States for your final project product line? Do you think your chosen influencer would be as effective in the target market?

Additionally, summarize and reflect on what you have learned and share your opinion on international marketing and how concepts from this course may benefit you in your career. You are encouraged to share your networking information.

As you review peers’ primary posts, consider the differences between you and your peers’ social media environments and your peers’ choices of influencers.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.