sociology discussion

1- Wade and Ferree introduced three gender ideologies that drive contemporary divisions of labor in the home: traditionalism, neotraditionalism, and egalitarianism. Thinking back to your own family, which gender ideologies do you think your parents believed in? Then, address some of the following:

  • Did they agree? Did their ideologies change over time? Why?
  • Were they able to organize their lives in accordance with their ideologies? That is, was their actual division of labor in line with what you think they wanted? Why or why not?
  • If you were raised by two parents, were they equally happy with the arrangements? How did they negotiate with each other? Did one parent get his or her way more often? Did this change over time? Was the division of labor a factor in arguments, separation, divorce? If your parents divorced, did they remarry someone with the same ideology as their previous spouse? Different?
  • What resources, or lack thereof, contributed to their ability or inability to enact their ideologies? Did disagreement with each other, sudden job surprises (good or bad), illness, or other unexpected life events affect them? How did their ideologies fit or bump up against the context of their life?