Sociology Discussion

Answer at least two questions and ADD OPINION

At least 600 words

  • Explain what makes the urbanization now occurring in developing countries different from and more problematic than the urbanization that took place a century ago in New York, London, Tokyo, and Berlin.
  • Following analysis presented in this chapter, concisely explain how the expanded quest for cheap energy and raw materials and present-day dangers of environmental pollution and resource depletion threaten not only the survival of people in developed countries but also that of people in less developed countries.
  • How do cities develop and evolve? Which theories of urban development make the most sense to you?
  • How do rural, suburban, and urban life differ in the United States? Discuss your experiences.
  • Do you like living where you live? Why or why not?
  • Discuss the role of social class and race in where people live. Do you see the relevance of social class or race where you live?