Sociology Easy Question

Watch the video that I linked below, regarding the Stanford Prison Experiment and also have a brief review of the 1974 Belmont Report

Must be double spaced, 12 point font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman

link to Stanford Prison Experiment:

In class, we spent some time discussing the impact of the 1974 Belmont Report and its implication for research today. In a one page response, how does the Stanford Prison Experiment illustrate violations of the key tenants of the Belmont Report? How does the experiment uphold key tenants of the Belmont Report?

Key areas to think about:

Voluntary participation and all it entails

Protection of respondent identity

Disclosure of risks and benefits

Full disclosure to participants and academics

In constructing your response – be specific and provide concrete examples from the film.

E.g. – The Stanford Prison Experiment violates the ice cream for all participants standard in social research. For example, the prison guard John Wanye tells Prisoner #819 that he cannot have a Dilly Bar one day into the experiment.