Sociology: McDonaldization of Society

Write a 3 page journal in MLA.. The first 2 pages should be the essay and the 3rd page should be the reference page. Cite and reference textbook The McDonaldization of Society by George Rizer. No PLagiarism

George Ritzer explains that fast-food chains have become so popular because they fit with our contemporary lifestyle. In this journal entry, you are going to examine whether this statement fits your own life.

You should answer the questions below to structure your essay.

  • First, think about your own use of fast-food chains (such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.).
    • How often do you use them, and how (dinein, carry out, drive through, etc.)?
  • Then, look at the elements of the changing society that Ritzer describes in his book when he examines the relationship between McDonaldization and social change in American society. ( We are NOT referring to the dimensions of McDonaldization).
    • Which ones of those can you apply to your situation? In other words, in what ways do you see your own life reflecting the changes Ritzer describes?
    • Which ones do not fit? Give specific examples from your life to answer these questions.

At the end, based on your description of how you use fast-food restaurants and how your life has been affected by social changes in American society, decide the following:

  • Does Ritzer’s statement, overall, apply to you, or not .
  • Are the reasons he gives for people using fast food chains the same as your reasons?