Software Developer John Edward Interview Assignment Help

Find someone who has a job in the field you’d like to enter once you graduate. Set up a time and interview the person, in person. Don’t interview someone you already know, or someone who works at Dominican. Linked-in is a great method to find someone, as are more informal networks and contacts you may already have. Cold calls can be good as well, and will stretch your assertiveness.

You are aiming to find out how they got from where you are (seniors in college) to where they are now. A good tool – but not the only tool — for organizing the interview is the GOSS method. That means you should start out with their:

Goals. What were their goals as a young person?

Obstacles. What sort of obstacles did they face as they worked toward their goals?

Solutions. What sort of solutions did they come up with to deal with the obstacles?

Start. When did they put the solutions into play?

Repeat as necessary.

Write up a 500-600 report that hits the main points of the person’s career path, and also offers your own reflection on what you learned.

Obviously, dress nicely, be polite, be prompt, and honor any promises you make as far as time, etc.

It might be helpful to reach out to more than one person initially, in case the first person doesn’t respond. And if you get two, or three responses by the end of it all don’t worry. They are ALL good contacts for networking as you go forward. (Just tell them that you’ll be contacting them later in the semester.)


please let me know who your imaginary interviewee is. Make it a face-to-face interview.