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Some of the political factors that influenced career counseling were the Great Depression - Freshman Essays

Some of the political factors that influenced career counseling were the Great Depression

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1.Some of the political factors that influenced career counseling were the Great Depression, World War I and II, ethical and legal issues, civil rights, antiwar protest and loco parentis backlashes. It wasn’t until the Great Depression that introduced the Wagner O’Day Act. The Wagner O’Day Act was particularly for unemployed population to learn vocational skills. After the World War, the GI bill also supported career counseling guidance particularly with veterans. The Dictionary of Occupational title and other occupational classification systems brought career guidance to importance. In addition, to Wagner O’day Act, GI bill, and occupational classification, the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) found the benefit of having career counselors in academic settings by understanding the high support, high positive benefits it has on student lifespan. Legal laws such as Carl Perkins Career Technical Education Act, American with Disabilities Acts, sexual harassment laws, and issues of campus violence are just a few things that made career counseling important for all students. Backlashes, civil rights, antiwar protest, World War II, and loco parentis also increased the support of student affairs associations, mental hygiene, utilization of theory development, financial aid, and much more.

2. The self-parenting talk was helpful. People sometimes do not think to use a warm and encouraging voice for when they are thinking about their mistakes and actions. I think part of this is because this concept is not taught in relation to the self. People usually use this kind of voice when talking to children, friends, and family because it exhibits care. This type of voice is a sign of what is typically defined as good parenting. It shows that the parent cares for the child, since the voice is not belittling or insulting. People extend this type of voice to those that they care about based on modeling the parent. People may not think about applying this concept of being an encouraging and warm parent to themselves. Partly because some people view self-care as being selfish. I think a being an encouraging and warm parent to ourselves is a form of self-care because we are not tearing ourselves down by using this concept. We can uplift ourselves to be able to survive and thrive when obstacles occur. If we belittle ourselves every time we make a mistake, we would not know how to move pass it and learn from it. We would be too focused on viewing ourselves in a completely negative light. By being an encouraging parent to ourselves, we can acknowledge the mistakes, learn from them, and move pass them.