Source Assignment

1. You will analyze the list of sources provided in the online classroom and determine which sources you as a historian believe are more and less reliable if you were writing a book on D-Day.

2. You will write a paper (no more than four pages in length) in which you will discuss which four sources from the list of sources that you feel are strongest, describe those sources and correctly identify what type of source each one is (primary, secondary, or tertiary) as well as explain how and why you would use them in your book. You will then discuss the remaining sources (correctly identifying the type of source each one is) and why you feel they are not as strong.

3. In the process of writing your paper you will properly cite your sources within the paper (in-text citation) using the MLA style.

4. You will also provide a Works Cited (in other words bibliography) of all the sources following the MLA style.