State and Local Governments questions

Your responses should always be in complete sentences. In addition, your response to Part 3 should be at least one well-developed paragraph

Part 1

Use Sites 1-4 to find information for this chart on the specific leash laws in four different communities. In the column titled “Ordinances” describe the law or laws in your own words. Under “Consequences” describe the penalties for offenses. Include penalties for multiple offenses.



Consequences (example: fines)

New Hampshire

North Carolina


Boston, Massachusetts

Part 2

Consider the specific details of the different ordinances in Part 1 and how clearly they describe what constitutes a violation and how fair and applicable the consequences seem.

  1. Which community do you think has the most effective leash law?
  2. What elements do you think make this leash law more effective than others?
  3. Which community do you think has the least effective leash law?
  4. What elements do you think make this leash law less effective than others?

Part 3

For homework, consider the different problems and challenges that your community faces. Propose an ordinance that would benefit your community. Define any necessary terms and explain procedures and any penalties that would apply.

In addition, think about the leash laws you studied and the ordinance that you propose. Write a brief response to the Focus Question: What makes a good local ordinance? You may use the back of this sheet if necessary.