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surveys, scales - Freshman Essays

surveys, scales


Consider that you would like to develop a new scale (from an existing scale) that measures any variable of your choosing (e.g., childhood trauma, spiritual well–being, workforce bullying, etc.).

Section I

Find an existing scale from which you could use to guide the development of a new scale. Provide a reference to an article in which this scale was used. Note, it is not necessary that you obtain a copy of the scale (i.e., these can be difficult to locate/access for free).

Section II

In terms of the existing scale, discuss the following: (a) for whom is this scale is applicable; and (b) if there is more than one version of it (e.g., by language or by population).

In terms of the scale you would like to develop, discuss the following: (a) who is your target population (e.g., recent immigrants to the U.S. from Central America); and (b) how it could be used in social work practice.

Section III

In terms of the existing scale, discuss the following: (a) the specific type of validity it has achieved; and (b) the specific type of reliability it has achieved.

In terms of the scale you would like to develop, identify which one type of validity and one type of reliability you would aim to establish and why. Next, discuss (re: provide an example for each) how you would go about establishing the validity and reliability of your scale.

Please note, initial posts should be between 300 and 500 words. As applicable, relate and support your initial post with what you learned from the course materials for this week and any other resources you want to share (e.g., from prior courses), using standard APA citations. In addition to starting a discussion by making your initial post, you are required to read the postings of fellow students and respond to at least two other initial posts. Your responses should elaborate on the initial postings of your colleagues (e.g., exchange ideas, debate points, and/or add to their ideas) and should be approximately 150 words each.