Sustained Change at Work – Secret Structure of Great Talks video Paper

Part One 500 words . APA with references

Author and consultant Daryl Conner focuses on successful, sustained change. He claims that leaders have to create a “burning platform” for followers to change. The burning platform theory is the psychological formula for sustained change. When people truly believe the price of the staying the course is more costly than the cost of changing (the transition), they will not only change but also sustain the change.

Have you ever found yourself in a group with your colleagues, waiting to for your leader to roll out an important new “change initiative to support a vision?” What sort of approach did the executive use to get everyone motivated and on board with the new ideas? If you are like many people, you may have left such a meeting wondering, “Why the heck did I just waste all that time?” That executive may have fallen into the trap of trying to “wow” you with data and statistics supporting the need for change. After all, there must be a good reason behind the need for change, right?

Reflect on your personal or work situation. Share how you have or might now use “a burning platform” in a story to gain the support of your followers to achieve sustained change.

Part Two 500 words . APA with references

Watch the TedX Talk by Nancy Duarte titled, “The Secret Structure of Great Talks.” In the video, Duarte describes a few different structures / outlines. She also discusses techniques used by Steven Jobs and Martin Luther King, Jr. For your reflection blog, share what of Duarte’s techniques you might use in your upcoming presentation and how you might use them.