The Art essay about Last Supper (MUST BE WRITE BY OWN)

Descriptively criticize the Last Supper (Figures 3-1 and 3-2). Point out every facet that seems important. Look for shapes that relate to each other, including groupings of figures. Do any shapes stand out as unique–for example, the shapes of Christ and Judas, who leans back fourth from the left? Describe the color relationships. Describe the symmetry, if any. Describe how the lines tend to meet in the landscape behind Christ’s head. The descriptions of Goya’s May 3, 1808 (Figure 2-3) might be helpful.

Make sure that you do not slip into evaluative or interpretive criticism in your essay. Your main focus should be on describing the geometric forms of the painting and its apparent subject matter, not what you have learned about the subject from sources outside of the painting.

You should write a 1-2 page (approximately 400-450 word) essay.