The Boarded Window by Ambrose Bierce, English homework help

The short story is:

The Boarded Window
by Ambrose Bierce

(you can google it and find a PDF (: )

In complete sentences, respond to the following questions. Remember that analysis means you will use quotations from the story you read to support your answers. Demonstrate your answer is correct by including support from the story and an explanation. For example, a question asking, “How does the author create suspense?” might be answered with: The author creates suspense in his first line: “When Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to the funeral.” By beginning with an ending—the funeral—Faulkner prepares the reader for a story full of twists and surprises.

  1. Which story did you read?
  2. Describe the physical setting of the story. Which words or descriptions contribute to the emotional setting or mood? What is the mood that results from the author’s use of description?
  3. What is the theme? How do the final lines of the story influence the meaning or theme of the story?
  4. What techniques does the author use to create a surprise ending?
  5. Were you surprised by the twist? If so, why? If not, what should the author have done to make the ending more surprising and effective?
  6. What was your experience in reading this story? Did it evoke fear or physically have an effect on you? Why or why not?

Choose just one of the following creative writing exercises. Have fun!

  1. Create a surprise ending to an original story. You don’t need to write a whole story—just the twist ending. Begin with a short summary of the setting, characters, plot, and conflicts in your story. Then, write an ending to your story with an unexpected twist using the techniques learned in this lesson. You should only need two or three fully developed paragraphs. Be sure to label at least three of the techniques used to demonstrate what you’ve learned.
  2. Create an alternative ending for the story you read in the lesson. Summarize any necessary changes you made in the action of the story for your surprise ending to make sense. Fully develop your alternative ending in two or three paragraphs. Demonstrate what you’ve learned in this lesson by labeling at least three techniques you used.