The Coddling of the American Mind

evaluate the essay titled, “The Coddling of the American Mind,” … from this link …. (Links to an external site.) .

1) Introduction: Briefly introduce the issue/problem that the writer is identifying. Show the reader why the issue is an important one. At the end of the introduction, present your thesis that is your position on the writers’ position. For example: X argues that more and more college students are suffering from anxiety because of A, B and C. X’s argument is based on selectively chosen anecdotal evidence and is further weakened by the frequent use of generalizations, faulty causes, and half-truths that collectively prevent him from making a sound argument.

2) Summary of major claims and evaluation: In this section, you should provide all the major claims the writers make to support your position, and then determine whether the writers provide evidence to support their claims.

For example, if the writers argue that colleges are trying are silence speech that the colleges think may harm students emotionally, then the writers must provide some evidence to convince us that the attempts to censor are happening on majority of campuses. Also, ask yourself, whether everyone would agree that some gesture constitutes silencing speech. Could there be other concerns that might supersede some students’ desire to bring a speaker to campus.

I would suggest you provide one claim per paragraph and then evaluate it by either showing that no evidence is provided to support it or by providing evidence that challenges the claim.

3) Finally, toward the end of your essay, you should make some recommendations to strengthen the writers’ argument. Argue what would make the argument stronger; or, you could reject the problem itself by showing that what the writers’ argue is based on propaganda and anecdotal evidence and so on.

After having read your essay, the reader should have a clear understanding of the weaknesses of the writers’ argument.

Length: At least 8 pages, 8 sources, MLA style