The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison, sociology assignment help

Write a 4-paragraph analytical reflection essay based on the documentary “The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison”. Remember, this is a reflection paper, so you WILL be making self-references (i.e. “I thought…I felt…I believe…I think…”). However, I also expect you to take an analytical approach – apply social theory and address topics that we have covered in the course to date that surfaced in the documentary (i.e. social deviance, social class, social structure, race and ethnicity, etc.). You MUST include at least one quote from the documentary in each of your body paragraphs that helps you to make one of your arguments and/or helps you to illustrate a point that you are attempting to make. So, here is the structure for your paper:

1. Intro – properly introduce the documentary, discuss your overarching reaction(s) to it, clearly state a THESIS that incorporates social theory/topics covered in class.

2. Body Paragraph #1 – write about the figure you found MOST sympathetic – elaborate/explain

3. Body Paragraph #2 – write about the figure you found LEAST sympathetic – ” “

4. Conclusion – research one of the figures in terms of what happened to them/their case/their life progression AFTER the documentary was filmed and reflect on that information…remember it’s always a good strategy to pose a pertinent question or to paint an evocative scene at the end of your writings…

* (If you do not have access to Netflix and cannot locate the documentary on any other platform or via a library, you will be required to research the corrections system in the context of listed sociological issues and cite at least four academic articles that you have read in a bibliography.)