The Prevalence of Child Abuse


  • Describe the personal costs to victims of domestic violence. Describe some of the emotional, psychological, physical, and financial consequences that may result from domestic abuse.
  • What rights are afforded to victims of domestic violence? Who is responsible for ensuring that these rights are met?
  • How have attitudes toward and resources available for victims of domestic violence changed over time?


Summarize the main points of the article. Describe personal costs that may be unique to victims of this particular culture. Based on your research, what may be similar and different about the losses that members of this particular culture experience as a result of their beliefs, practices, or cultural norms? What obstacles need to be overcome in effectively assisting individuals from this culture when they have experienced domestic violence


Search for statistics on child abuse in your state. Citing your sources, present some of the statistics you found. Compare and contrast the reported prevalence of your state with at least one other state.

What information did you find on how the data from your state was collected and determined? Describe the challenges there are in obtaining accurate accounts of child abuse