The Problem of a Human History discussion

Analytical/Reflective Journals:

These journasl should be oriented primarily toward thinking through the meanings, significance and implications of the readings indicated below. The goal here is, as indicated, an analytical and reflective engagement with the readings and not merely a recapitulation or summary of their contents. Please write about two small paragraphs per the assigned readings below starting from #1. You can access these books (Chakrabarty, Hughes-Warrington, Breisach) thro (Username and pass will be provided once you accept the order).



William of Tyre:…

1) Introduction: The Problem of a Human History

2) Breisach, Introduction; Hughes-Warrington, Ch. 1; Chakrabarty, Introduction

3) Hughes-Warrington, Ch. 2

4) Chakrabarty, Ch. 1

5) Breisach, Chs. 1-2; Herodotus, Books I-II

6) Hughes-Warrington, Ch. 4; Breisach, Ch. 3

7) Breisach, Ch. 4; Herodotus, Books IV-V

8) Hughes-Warrington, Ch. 5

9) Chakrabarty, Ch. 2

10) Breisach, Ch. 5-6; Diodorus 5

11) Hughes-Warrington, Ch. 6

12) Breisach, Ch. 7

13) Breisach, Ch. 8; William of Tyre

Please let me know if you have any questions