The Psychology of Leadership: Write a paper based on leadership styles

This is my class: The Psychology of Leadership.

This is my class book: Northouse, P. (2012). Leadership: Theory and practice. 6th Edition. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

Write a paper based on the style of leadership we have studied that suits your vision of yourself as a leader most accurately. Be sure to include the following things

  • Short explanation of the selected leadership style, as well as the psychological underpinnings that lead you to believe this specific style will work best for you.
  • Short explanation of the vision you have a successful leader who employs your selected leadership style
  • How does this style of leadership influence an individual to function in a diverse workplace? A global economy?
  • Discuss previously published academic writing regarding this specific leadership style. Analyze strengths, weaknesses, and explain what conditions must be present for this specific style to be the best leadership style within an organization.
  • Minimum of 10 references

–Some styles we’ve discussed so far in class were Transformational and Transactional.

—Please let me know if you need additional information and THANK YOU in advanced. Have a blessed day!