The Real Story of the Ancient Greek Games — a Website Analysis

Task: For this Activity, please explore The Real Story of the Ancient Greek Games website using this link/address:…

Links to an external site.

Take your time and explore this site carefully. Note the several links under the image of the two wrestlers on the homepage. These links take you to the following subtopics: the games, athletes, women, politics, and commercialism. For this assignment, visit all of these pages on the website.

Then, in your own words, please answer the following questions:

  1. List three parts, themes, or topics on this website that you feel are significant and interesting — both.
  2. Next, taking the three parts, topics, or themes separately, discuss at some length why you feel each one is significant. Write more here, not less — and draw on information presented on the website.
  3. How does this website specifically link to our textbook? Give two ways and discuss each at length. Make significant connections and argue why they are important.
  4. What further questions do you still have?