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The Revolt of Mother Worksheet - Freshman Essays

The Revolt of Mother Worksheet


  1. Read “The Revolt of Mother” here.
  2. Complete the worksheet questions with at least 3 questionss Adoniram’s response when he gets home what you expected? Explain

1- What is the setting of the story? How does the family’s home compare to other buildings on the farm?

2- What promise did Adoniram (father) make Sarah (mother) when they wed? How long has she waited for him to fulfill that promise?

3- What reasons does Sarah give for needing a new house in her argument with Adoniram?

4- Despite her disappointment, what does Sarah do the rest of the day? Why?

5- Freeman writes: “Unsolicited opportunities are the guide-posts fo the Lord to the new roads of life.” What is the “unsolicited opportunity” in the story and what does Sarah do with it?

6- In what way is the barn actually ideal as a house?

7- How does the community react to Sarah’s actions? Why do you think they do this?

8- How to Sammy and Nany respond to their mother’s actions?

9- Is Adoniram’s response when he gets home what you expected? Explain

10- At the end of the story, father is in tears and tells mother “I hadn’t no idee you was so set on’t as all this comes to.” What does this tell you about expectations and communication between men and women at this time?