The U.S Minimum Wage

It probably feels like we just started our learning in this class, but this week we’re going to begin planning for our final paper. To begin, start thinking about the topic for the final persuasive essay. You learned about persuasive writing during this week’s lecture–and we’ll get into more details about the essay in the coming weeks–but for now, let’s focus on two areas:

  1. Start thinking about the topic and jot down any questions you have to give a direction to your research. Click on the link for the approved topic.
  1. Locate five sources that you think will be helpful for learning more about the chosen topic. At least three of these sources should come from the Online Library databases. You’re going to submit these sources in the form of an annotated bibliography. “Annotation” is another word for “notes,” so essentially you’ll be adding a brief summary of approximately 100-125 words for each source under that source’s reference citation. In the following links you will find some examples of annotations.
  2. The Annotated Bibliography assignment asks for five sources. You should use the three sources posted below and locate an additional two sources from the Rasmussen College Online Library on your own. Those five sources will get you started on your research, but you will be able to add additional sources as you continue working on the project.Driscoll, S. A. (January 2017). Raising the minimum wage debate. Points Of View. Retrieved from, N. (2016). Confronting the parasite economy. American Prospect, 27(3), 34-40. Retrieved from, W. P. (2016). Hike in minimum wage maximizes hurt to most vulnerable. New American 32(13), 41-43. Retrieved from
  3. Two additional source you should use Addison, J. T. (2017). The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment: The Legacy of Myth and Measurement. ILR Review, 70(3), 814-818. doi:10.1177/0019793917696309
  4. Bullinger, L. R. (2017). The Effect of Minimum Wages on Adolescent Fertility: A Nationwide Analysis. American Journal of Public Health, 107(3), 447-452. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2016.303604
  5. For this work I need a Thesis, ROUGH WORK (First draft) 3-4 pages and The FINAL DRAFT 3-4 pages.