The Use of Law as Morality essay

Please read the instructions carefully. The paper will be submitted to Turnitin, so be careful with plagiarism.

I need a 2200 words paper written on “the use of law as morality”.

– It should not only examine the various sources or foundations of our current legal system (United States of America) but also address how laws are theoretically designed to enforce morality.

– It should also discuss how laws create or enforce moral behavior, why do we need laws to create or enforce moral behavior, do laws really create or enforce moral behavior, how is it decided which behaviors are controlled by laws, and who decides what “morality” is in the creation of laws.

– You should provide examples within the paper to show how laws either create or enforce morality and/or how they do not achieve this.

– The paper must be completed using the APA format and include a title page, body of the paper, and reference page (use 12 pt Times New Roman).

– The professor is looking for an in-depth paper. At least 8 scholarly sources are needed for this paper (there are 7 scholarly articles in the attached zip file, please search for 2 more scholarly articles to include as references).

– Use only the articles provided and the other 2 that you will search for.