Three page philosophy paper


I would like to order a 3 page philosophy paper. The paper assignment will require to take a passage that will provide by the instructor. The paper should tell in writing precisely what that passage means in the context in which it is presented. No outside sources should be used. The following email was received from my instructor.

“Dear Student,

Your assignment for the second paper is to take the passage below and form an interpretation of it based on the context in which it appears in Plato’s Republic. Guidelines are on the syllabus. Please remember to submit your papers to Livetext and Turnitin along with bringing a print copy with you to class.

“Now no one, it seems, would be so incorruptible that he would stay on the path of justice, or bring himself to keep away from other people’s possessions and not touch them, when he could take whatever he wanted …” (Republic 360b)”

Attached is the grading criteria for this paper. An Electronic copy of “Plato’s Republic” can be found online.