Timed Written Final Exam. DEADLINE: Friday, April 5TH @ 11:59 PM CST

This Exam MUST be taken for me through my blackboard student account as it is an exam that records answers in one sitting (Time Limit: 3 hours).

The final examination has two written parts.

The first question asks you to listen to (or read) President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural address and compose a short (minimum of four paragraphs) rhetorical analysis outlining the features of his speech and discussing its content and place in American history.

The second question asks you to read the Declaration of Independence, one of America’s founding documents, and compose a fully developed short essay (minimum of eight paragraphs) outlining the piece’s features and commenting on its efficacy and place in American history.


Please observe the deadline for this final examination in your course calendar and plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to complete the assessment. Take some time to first critically analyze these source documents here in the learning module before opening up the final examination questions.

You will likely want to spend some time researching the contextual elements surrounding Kennedy’s speech

and Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence . For further information on the Declaration of Independence, you might want to read “The Declaration of Independence: A History,” which can be found on the digital pages of the National Archives.

After you have critically analyzed these documents and you are ready to respond to the examination questions, navigate to the appropriate folder in Blackboard and open the assessment.

As always, your work will be evaluated for clarity, punctuation, grammar, content, and incorporation of the course theories and concepts.

You have three hours in which to answer the questions in the final examination.

You cannot save your work and return to it, so both of your answers must be recorded in one sitting. (1)