topic 5 q1, q2

Q1 –

Review the vignettes, and then diagnose Robin and Becky with a psychotic disorder. What are the justifications for your diagnosis? Include differential diagnoses that were considered and discarded.

Q2 –

Review the vignette of Brett, and then provide a DSM diagnosis. Based on your worldview, what is your perspective on the nature of psychotic disorders?

Briefly review the biblical narrative in Mark 5: 1-20. How would you help a psychotic individual who presents to your treatment center and insists that the etiology of his disorder is spiritual in nature and not biochemical?

Review Mercer’s article ( Deliverance, demonic possession, and mental illness: some considerations for mental health professionals ) and identify two or three recommendations / practices you find relevant in this source as pertaining to a clinician that considers treating Brett.


Dziegielewski, S. (2015). DSM-5: Assessment, Planning, and Practice Strategy. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons INC.