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Topic Selection sustainability and green energy - Freshman Essays

Topic Selection sustainability and green energy

This is a two-part assignment, with two different due dates.

1. Topic Selection Posting (5 points)

Due: Sunday, September 3 by 11:30pm | 200 words minimum

Begin a new thread with two possible topics you are considering working with all semester. Discuss the pros and cons of each, exploring how and/or why they might work with the major course projects.

2. Topic Selection Comment (5 points)

– This two topics or similar :

* electric cars and fuel cars.

* sustainability and green energy

Due: By class time on Day 2 | 100 words minimum per reply

Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts and offer your perspective on their topics. Identify any issues you see that might make a topic problematic or why they might work particularly well.

– classmates posts :


When approaching the future of human society the inevitable truth is there are some discussions that must be had. For example the rising population and limited room for agriculture in less developed countries can become a detrimental issue if not taken seriously. Now with a rising need for food with a rising population, two solutions come to mind. You can increase the amount of land that is cultivated for food development, or you can make more food with the same amount of land and a controlled use of genetically modified organisms to produce bigger and more produce. My topic for this upcoming project would be the second solution. GMO’s when used correctly can be widely applicable in agriculture to defend against pests as an alternative to environmentally damaging pesticides, to enriching specific foods to have more, or new vitamins which can help prevent malnourishment in children. However GMO’s can be abused due to their lack of federal limits and companies abusing the products for profit.

Alternatively the rising sea level and its effect on coastal ecosystems is yet another topic that must be discussed when thinking globally. Rising sea levels due to climate change can force animals on land to relocate or become endangered/extinct as well as introduce new possible invasive species to an ecosystem which can heavily impact the resulting area. The con’s I see of discussing this topic is because it is something that is not happening currently there is only theoretical impacts and not much hard evidence.

2- My two topics are the globalization effects, and what are the factors that lead international students be succeed in the U.S universities.

For the globalization effects the international students’ decision and goals, with the development of globalization for the whole world that impact the economic, culture, foods, and life style. Globalization has contributed to the growth of the global economy, increased cooperation among countries and improved the living standards of the people of the world. I think that globalization not only brings positive effects to the world, it still brings many negative effects. For example, globalization has increased the gap between developing and developed countries,and developed countries use cheap labor from developing countries to produce products. But overall evaluation of globalization is positive.

For the factors that lead international student be succeed, most international cannot adapt the U.S universities’ life because of the different language, different learning system, different life environment. Most of international may faced the issues when they first came to the U.S to study, which are academic and social issues. If an international student want to be succeed in the U.S universities, they have to adapt the U.S study environment and overcome the both issues.