Toys appropriate for early childhood and Divorce

There are two different topics to complete

Consider a toy (at a store or online) that would be appropriate for early childhood use.

  • Identify and describe the toy (are there any features that make it attractive to the child or contribute to its play value?)
  • What age(s) is the toy intended for play?
  • What domain(s) of development is the toy intended to stimulate (cognitive, physical, and/or social)?
  • Does the toy make use of fine motor skills and/or gross motor skills? How so?
  • Describe any safety concerns with this toy
  • Please separate each response with a page break

    Divorce may be tough on parents, but do you believe “it may be even tougher on children?” (Rathus, 2014, p. 427)?

  • Discuss the possible effects of divorce on a child.
  • Typically, do boys or girls have a harder time adjusting?
  • How can parents make the transition easier for their children?