transcribe into paper 42 minutes interview, psychology, life story,

I have 45 minutes record the think is I don to know how to submit his here. This is interview about someone life.



So this interview has to be write as a paper with some changes. I will let know what changes. I believe paper should be at least 4 pages long, double space, 12 front, new times roman. APA STYLE

So my interview person was not actually person with license already. So what we have to do we have to tweak the stories.

Interviewee will say that she has 2 jobs! One in Hartgrove hospital as a post-doc and other one in state of Chicago. She will be passing licence next year and move up as a clinical psychologist next year within state as well.

****So, what we need to do we have to write she already has the licence we can say she pass it this year in MARCH so what ever she is saying about future I need to make her future her present. So, than the homework will make sense. If there is any missinig info about her being already the clinical psychologist we can google something just to much the story and experience and patients, what she like what she does not like. ETC

Conduct an in-person interview someone who has obtained a license as a professional

counselor, preferably someone who is doing what you hope to do in the future. If you cannot find anyone to interview, please email me and I will give you some suggestions.

Include in your interview a description of their current and past employment, their educational history, why they decided to enter their chosen profession, their job role and functions, their theoretical orientation, entry-level salary and options for advancement, related likes and dislikes of their present of past positions, perspective on the role of their profession, their view on the differences between the varying helping professions, the professional associations to which they belong, and perspective on changes and important issues in the field. This is not an exhaustive list – ask anything else that will help you understand better the world of work. Infuse your reaction to the interview.

The length of your paper will be determined in part by the comprehensiveness of your

interview and your reaction. Papers should be double-spaced. Do NOT provide a

transcript of your interview.