TRIDENT Effects Of Internal Factors And Processes On Buyer Behavior

Buyer behavior is at the core of marketing. All marketing programs need to begin with an understanding of why and how consumers buy what they do. If no one purchases a company’s product or service, the company will quickly go out of business.

Apply the model of consumer behavior (Exhibit 11 on page 89 of your textbook) to the product/service you selected in Module 1. Explain how the model affect the purchase process as it relates to the product/service.

Providing a list of the steps or a graphic of the model is not adequate, you should explain how the process works in the real world using your own words supported by research.

Textbook is included as attachment the parts of the consumer behavior model are explained on the pages following pg 89.

APA format

All this has to be in reference to opening a gourmet coffee shop