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All Papers required to have APA formatting. Citation and reference page entry for videos, books, websites. There should be proper title page and running header for paper. EVERY CITATION MUST HAVE AN ACCURATE MATCHING REFERENCE PAGE ENTRY!.

CHOOSE between ONE of these two topics to compose an essay.

Troubleshooting Creativity

Identify an instance in which an individual or group was unsuccessful in using creative thinking to solve a problem, such as the passage of prohibition in the United States in an attempt to reduce crime and improve living conditions for the working class. Make sure that you clearly indicate that you are addressing troubleshooting creativity in your introduction!

Research your chosen failure of creative thought.

Write a 700- to 1,000-word essay in which you:

  • Briefly introduce your chosen example of flawed creative thought.
  • Explain how and why this attempt to make a change or solve a problem was unsuccessful.
  • Propose one or two new creative solutions to the underlying problem.