Truman Doctrine, history assignment help

  • Follow the directions as given in the activity.
  • Download the Respond page to guide your research and record your answers. You should always write in complete sentences, and your responses should demonstrate your understanding of the content. Short or incomplete responses will not receive full credit.
  • When responding to the focus question “Why Did President Truman Think It Was Necessary for the U.S. to Get Involved in the Korean War?” your answer should be thorough and take the form of several paragraphs


Site 1: Truman Doctrine
  • Read (or listen to) President Truman’s address to Congress. Answer question 1 on the Respond sheet.
  • Concentrate on paragraphs 10-16 to answer questions 2 and 3 on the Respond sheet.
  • Scroll down to the paragraph that begins with “I am fully aware of the broad implications….” and read to the end of the document to answer questions 4–6 on the Respond sheet.
Site 2: Korean War: An Overview
  • Read the first three sections of this page.
  • Answer the questions in Part 2 of the Respond sheet.