twentieth century assignment – at least 250 words

1) Choose ONE of the following that you think changed human life as we know it:

A particular 20th or 21st Century Technology/Invention

A particular 20th or 21st Century Political Event or Social/Political Movement

(2) Then detail how it affected or changed the world.

(3) Then answer whether you think it has changed the world permanently or whether it is only a temporary change. Explain why you believe that the change is permanent or not permanent. If you believe some aspects are permanent but others will be temporary, explain why you think that is the case.

(4) Then pick one philosophical movement (e.g. phenomenology, positivism, etc.) or philosopher from the 20th century and explain in what ways the philosopher would agree or disagree with you. If you’re struggling with this, instead, describe how you used the ideas of one philosophical movement to come up with your explanation in (3).

Added for clarification for students who are struggling with the assignment:

Clarification on this week’s topic: you are only required to pick one event OR one technology from the 20th/21st century. You will only be writing about one thing (examples: MLK’s speech, the invention airplane, WWII, the smart phone, the atomic bomb, the birth control pill, cable TV, the arc welder, frozen food, any presidential election, the development of the Christian Coalition in the late 70s/ early 80s, the Occupy movement, Women’s liberation, the LGBT rights movement, the first Gulf war, 9/11, the invention of baseball, the invention of a particular type of cosmetics, a particular UFC fight or a particular Superbowl). Choose something of interest to you–something you’re passionate about. A history major or politically-minded person might choose an event. Someone who is interested in a particular hobby might choose something related to their hobby. You might analyze a piece of equipment you use at work or in school, or something related to the future career that you are planning.