Unit 3 Discussion Case Management Social History Comparisons

Review the document entitled “Social History Comparisons” found in DocSharing. You will see the same form completed by two different case managers. Use these to respond to the questions below. Remember to use concepts from the Reading to support your ideas through citation/reference.

  • Compare the social history forms to each other. Which one do you prefer and why?
  • Read the case notes for each at the end of the social history. Which of the two histories provides the most useful information? Explain why you selected the one that you did.
  • Identify the client’s needs using the micro, meso, and macro level assessment.

This is the book we are using Fundamentals of Case Management Practice Edition: 4th (2012) Author: Nancy Summers an we looked at chapters 14 and 16. Below is the link to the Social History Comparisons that you will need to do this discussion.