Unit 4 Discussion Case Management

Dual diagnosis clients can be difficult to treat and provide case management services. For this exercise, create a hypothetical client. Use the DSM-5 from the Kaplan Library to select a substance use and mental health disorder. Your client will be a dual diagnosis client who comes to see you for help with case management issues. You are his/her counselor also, so you know the client well.

  • Outline the diagnostic process for dual diagnosis clients. Explain how case managers decide referrals for both disorders.
  • Using the two disorders that you selected, predict what your client’s barrier to services might be. Consider how the factors in the client’s life (employment, housing, and family support) can also be a barrier. List at least three barriers to treatment and explain how each is a barrier.
  • Propose some strategies for working with your client and for the dual diagnosis population in general. Explain how they have special needs in their case coordination since many require services from more than one agency at a time.

The Kaplan library is down right now but you can find the DSM-5 online, this discussion must be at least 400-450 words