use of adjectives and subject-verb agreement

Before you read the instruction I will upload for you a picture to see how the way you will answer the Q.

I want you to do for me this things.

Summary: Summarize the content of all your reviews, both from your peers and from me. Discuss the issues that were mentioned by most of your reviewers, or issues mentioned by only one reviewer. Notice any trends that appear in your feedback.

Analysis: Discuss the comments you found helpful or not helpful, and why you found them helpful/not helpful. Notice whether comments seemed out-of-place. Determine whose advice you are planning to use in your revision, as well as whose advice you may not use.

Revision Plan: State your goals for revision. Identify three main issues that you plan to address when you revise. Do not include issues like spelling, grammar, or proofreading in this section.

This is the review from a peer in my class :

Love the introduction! Gives a huge heads-up on what you are going to tell me about your paper. Well done.

A comma should be replaced with the period, and the capitalized S should be lowercased.

Awesome way of explaining how important energy is to human beings. Also, great explanation of what “sustainable energy” is!

An “s” must be included as “Nature” is in a singular form.

A little too much repetition. I think you can draw the conclusion that “renewable resources” are reliable for human survival in the sentence “These resources are renewable.”

Nice sentence structure! Great topic introductory.

You need a bit of a transition before this sentence. (: It would make the paragraphs feel more connected and flow!

Third world countries “do not even have (adjective) energy.

Good unbiased point of view. Make sure to give supporting details in the final draft!

Are you saying that researchers are not finding a way to use green resources already, which is why you are suggesting that they need to be motivated to do so? Clarify a little bit and you’ll go long ways with this.

Is this supposed to be a conclusion? These are strong opinions rather than theses. Maybe reconsider where this should go.

You might want to consider your word choice here, as said above, opinions on things that are not in your conclusion paragraph might weaken your claims.

Great introduction to your topic! A respected clarification of who your resourcer is for your introduction really sets you in a good stance. Good job.

Great summary of a research. You didn’t include opinions, which is good! I like how you summarized it to be simple and yet, quite important sounding that coorelates to the source.

Excellent point of view here! Very strong opinion that is connected to your sources.

Great flow, but you need a transitional word before you continue with your sentence. Besides that, very good.

Nice! I like how you made this paragraph flow with summarizing relavent points and with a good structure. Your claim will be backed up with this.

Great point of view that correlates with your sources!

Remember to put a transitional word for your next paragraph!

Good summarization so far.

Good structured sentence that transitions from the previous one.

Make sure to conclude this in your conclusion paragraph, as you used the word “we” and your opinions go there! Great so far.

Great summarization. You included a good transitional word to connect your sentences together as well. Bravo.

Really good supporting detail for your claim!

A period should be replaced with the comma.

This should be in active voice. “he takes”. Would be clearer and better for your paper!

Great so far! You’ve done correct structured sentences and used active verbs, including transitional words.

The extra spaces in after information is not needed. Might need to fix that.

All authors? Be specific on what kind of authors are expert on green energy.

Good conclusion and point of view! Supportive detail as well.