W/CBT Module Assignment 3 Embry Riddle Performance Gap Analysis

Section 1: Project Overview – List the name of your project, your project description, the overall objective for your training module, a description of your audience (learners), and any constraints.

Section 2: Data Collection Plan – Based on what you have learned about gathering data, choose at least two methods of data gathering that you would use to help you analyze and pinpoint your learners’ training needs. Include the following details in your plan:

List the two types of data gathering methods you would use.

Explain why these two types are the best methods to help you analyze your learners’ needs.

Describe the target audience you would include in your data collection efforts.

Write 6-8 questions you would ask during your data collection activity.

In addition to the questions you would ask, describe any strategies you would also employ to encourage employees to participate and to ensure that your data collection method was as accurate as possible.

Section 3: Data Analysis – Based on what you have learned about analyzing data and the questions you asked in your Data Collection Plan, report on your real or fictional results. Ideally, if your project is real and you have time to collect some data, you would post your real results. Include the following details in your analysis:

Use a histogram, Pareto chart, scatterplot or other type of chart or table to analyze and display your results.

Answer these questions: Did your data reveal a correlation between the performance gap and a particular action,behavior, or group? How do the results of your 5 Whys analysis compare to your data collection results?

Section 4: Recommendations – Based on your analysis, report your recommendations for designing this training. Consider the following questions in making recommendations:

Did your analysis reveal that you need to focus on one segment of your audience or one aspect of your intended training over others?

Did your analysis reveal that other actions (beyond your training) should also be implemented?

Did your analysis reveal that a particular type of training or format would work best to solve your problem (for instance, a module with a lot of visuals or one with a checklist that people can use)?

Same thing just a continuation of Project: Performance Gap: Reduction on the number of clients in 2018 as compared to 2017 OpenFlights Inc

Attached is a (Training Needs Analysis Template) transfer it from pdf to word and follow instructions. Also attached Assignment: The 5 Whys Analysis 9 which was excellently formatted and questions after template were perfectly done so do it the same way please. This is a continuing project so look at 1.6 which is attached below for original topic and the performace gap.