Was the second gulf war just a war?

  • Instructions:
    Write a short essay (no less than three pages) answering the following question:
    • Was the second Gulf War a just war? You will need more than just your opinion to answer this question – although your opinion will certainly help guide your research.
    • Use your readings for this week as you consider your response. Feel free to disagree with the opinions stated in the readings or the videoclips. Find credible sources to buttress your views.

    Your essay should be no less than three pages long, and must include three or more references. The references must be credible (no Wikipedia or random websites)

Readings to support answer/ don’t have to read all

  • Steven Lee’s “Was the [Second] Iraq War a Just War?”
  • Virginia Held’s “Terrorism and War”
  • Jill B. Delston’s “The Criminalization of Money Laundering and Terrorism in Global Contexts”
  • Sara Ruddick’s “Woman’s Politics of Resistance”

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