Water shortage

You will be picking a topic that is a current social issue in the world. The topic choice is up to you, but it should be something that is in the modern era.

You should have at least 3 sources on your Project Proposal, and they need to be scholarly (see first bullet point below).

Please make sure that you read the instructions I gave you about the assignment. For topics that have book sources written about them, you should consult at least 1 physical book. In the proposal, after the FULL CITATION of the source, you will let me know how the book would help you accomplish the research paper. I do not expect you to read all of the (full) books you list, but a good way to gage their effectiveness would be to do the following:

  • Google the author to make sure they are an EDUCATED professional who is credible in their field. You would be surprised how many people write books/articles who have no business spreading their opinions and trying to parade them as fact.
  • Read the titles of the chapters in the book. Generally, that helps you decide first if it is a good match for what your research paper would be about. Also, the index and the descriptions in the book help you determine if it will even help. If you are looking at articles, look at the abstract at the beginning. JSTOR has really good articles that you may choose to use.
  • Read a chapter of the book, and skim 1 or 2 others. It is important for you to read something from the book, so you can have something to tell me in the paragraphs you are writing under each book. A good description is like the one in the Writing Assignments folder; substantial in length, and in content. Writing 3-4 sentences will not get you a high score. In each paragraph, let me know whether the source is primary or secondary. If you are using an article, you should read a few sections of it, or an entire few chapters.

Please make sure that your sources are listed in ABC order by last name of the author and that they are FULL citations:

Last Name of Author, First Name of Author. Title of Book, But Not Underlined. Publisher: Publishing City. Year. Medium (Print, eBook, etc.).


I just picked water shortage for my social issue topic and I need you to help me to find 2 sources (article) and write about 12-15 sentences for each sources . (I’m working the third sources)

My Proposal: (1) investigate on social and economic impact of water shortage

(2) how the organization or government solve this problem

I also an example from a previous student, who got an “A” on the assignment so you can see exactly how to format your submission.