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week 4 quiz - Freshman Essays

week 4 quiz

Question 1

1 pts

Challenges to Congress’ role in implementation include

  1. differing political agendas among members.
  2. insufficient fiscal authority agencies.
  3. a lack of technical knowledge.
  4. inadequate Constitutional authority.

Question 2

1 pts

The programmed implementation model functions by

  1. attempting to control potential problems through detailed implementation procedures.
  2. adopting existing and successful policies and implementation approaches.
  3. utilizing sophisticated data management and analysis techniques to minimize unanticipated outcomes.
  4. avoiding policies with uncertain content or ambiguous goals.

Question 3

1 pts

According to the authors, which of the following is one of the principles underpinning the founding of the U.S. health care system?

  1. Entrepreneurialism
  2. Efficiency
  3. Access
  4. Equity

Question 4

1 pts

Which of the following is identified by the authors as one reason health care will remain on the institutional agenda?

  1. Partisan dissatisfaction with the current arrangements
  2. Increasing aging population and corresponding health issue
  3. Growing economic competition internationally
  4. Pressure from providers and insurers

Question 5

1 pts

The passage of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985

  1. ended health care grants to states and municipalities used to offset increased costs.
  2. reduced Medicare and Medicaid support.
  3. discontinued insurance grants to indigent individuals and their caregivers.
  4. required insurance programs to maintain coverage for up to 18 months after employment ends.

Question 6

1 pts

  1. What is the purpose and function of the managed-care system?
  2. Simultaneously control costs and manage the use of health services
  3. Ensure maximum access
  4. Regulate services available
  5. Control costs

Question 7

1 pts

Creative policy formulation occurs when policy makers lack

  1. causal knowledge about the problem.
  2. both causal knowledge and sufficient information about the problem.
  3. a fundamental understanding of constituent interests.
  4. sufficient bi-partisanship to pass legislative policy.

Question 8

1 pts

Which of the following is not one of the roles the authors identify for government in health care?

  1. Consumer
  2. Purchaser/provider
  3. Funder
  4. Regulator

Question 9

1 pts

Which of the following is one of the reasons noted by the authors that President Barack Obama’s health reform initiative passed but President Bill Clinton’s did not?

  1. President Obama’s reforms were more modest than President Clinton’s.
  2. President Obama sought greater congressional input.
  3. There was greater resistance among insurers to President Clinton’s reforms.
  4. There was greater concern about rising costs in 2009.

Question 10

1 pts

Which of the following is a step in the rule making process?

  1. Final rules reviewed by Congress and the Courts
  2. President signs off on interim rules
  3. Proposed rules published in the Federal Register
  4. Proposed rules made available to interest groups